Ruins – Undertale Guide

Ruins – Undertale Guide

This page is part of a neutural walkthrough for Undertale. It is recommended you complete a pacifist run first using our Pacifist Walkthrough if you want to

What if You Continue Hard Mode AFTER the Ruins? [ Undertale ]

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I’m not affiliated with UNDERTALE or UNDERTALE: Bits and Pieces in any way. I just wanted to post the remade tracks because i love them!

I absolutely love this mod and totally recommend you should try it! The team has made UNDERTALE even more amazing than it was before they’ve worked so hard on it! Really, congratulations to the team for their work!



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Undertale Speedrunning Video Guide – Neutral Ending / Any% (2020)

Because my old 2018 guide is outdated (and bad in several areas), I figured I would release a new, up-to-date guide for speedrunning Undertale! I hope it helps.

The version used in this video is Linux-build 1.001 and this video is intended for use specifically for the 1.0/1.001 categories on the leaderboard. Some skips and strategies shown in this video will not work in versions 1.02+, notably all textbox overflow/storage and Jetpack skip. If you want to learn how to get this version easily, see here: page (has leaderboards, guides, resources such as the KPS meter on my layout, splits, etc.):

Full Undertale Speedrun text guide (HIGHLY recommended if this video was unclear in any way):

Undertale Speedrunning Discord Server:

Note: There are a few small quirks with this video, notably me being LV1 through most of Hotland and also not having the Burnt Pan in my inventory. This was merely visual and doesn’t affect anything. In your runs, you should be LV4 after Vulkin and have the Burnt Pan at all points after Left Floor 1 until you equip it in Core.

UNDERTALE Genocide Walkthrough: The Ruins

Episode 1: Meanwhile, in an Alternate Timeline

[Note 1]
If you don’t want certain aspects of the plot spoiled for you, I would suggest watching each Genocide episode after the conclusion of each area in the Neutral/Pacifist Run. Don’t worry though, not much will be spoiled anyway.