Origin EON15-X Gaming Laptop Review

Origin EON15-X Gaming Laptop Review

The Origin EON15-X is a completely custom gaming laptop from top to bottom, now with more CPU and GPU.

Origin EON15 X Full Specification | Gaming Laptop

It’s a great opportunity to go Glengarry Glen Ross on double center processors in gaming tablets. As in, hello double center processor, I are very brave news for you from downtown: Mitch and Murray said you’re let go in light of the fact that gaming tablets ought to go to closers. What’s more, yes, double center, you can’t get it done on top of the line gaming portable workstations any longer.

That is the reason we have Origin PC’s EON15-X here. It’s a closer.

What makes it a closer? The desktop-review Core i7-4790K CPU fueling it. Yes, that is none other than Intel’s Devil’s Canyon CPU. While most versatile gaming quad centers battle to split the 3GHz boundary, the Core i7-4790K in the EON150X travels along at 4GHz and will Turbo up to 4.4GHz.

In the event that you take a gander at Intel’s value sheet, its speediest quad-centers are $1,100—and, after its all said and done, regardless they keep running at 75 percent the clock paces of the CPU in the EON15-X. That converts into a powerful lump of progress that goes to Intel, contrasted with the $340 for the Core i7-4790K CPU in the EON15-X.

That doesn’t make the EON15-X fundamentally a shoddy tablet, however. At $2,661, it’s in no way, shape or form a HP Streambook. That cost, however, gets you a quad-center ticking along at 4GHz at the very least and Nvidia’s big cheese GPU: the GeForce GTX 980M with 8GB of video RAM. You likewise get 8GB of DDR/1600 RAM, and a 1TB half breed hard drive. Source knows a cross breed hard drive won’t inspire, so it likewise incorporates a M.2 PCIe SSD inside—none other than a 240GB Samsung XP941.

I’ll need to state, this is just the second time I’ve seen the XP941 in a portable workstation, however I wouldn’t see any problems with seeing more PCIe SSDs. The drive will journey along at 1GB/s in read speeds. In M.2 SSD shape, it’s just overshadowed by its more up to date kin, the Samsung SM951, which ups the paces to around 1.5GB/s.

The EON15-X highlights two DisplayPorts alongside a HDMI out. You get three USB 3.0, a Gigabit ethernet, and a combo USB and eSATA (recollect those?) port, in addition to a SD card peruser. There’s additionally a full arrangement of simple sound ports alongside SPDIF. Remote is an Intel combo 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0.

The keys have an odd etched shape to them that I’m not totally a devotee of, but rather the trackpad isn’t awful. The cover on the portable PC and top console deck has a light rubber treated covering as well. It makes the tablet somewhat less dangerous while heaving.

The portable workstation tips the scales at a heavy 7.7 pounds on your lap and pushes 10 with its energy block. You most likely won’t drag it with you consistently, yet it’s sensible for climbing to your mate’s home for an impromptu LAN gathering or conveying it to your relatives’ home to cut video.

Furthermore, that is the utilization case that will make you happy you have not only a quad-center but rather one that keeps running at high clock speeds as well. With its 4GHz CPU, it makes speedy work of encoding and video undertakings.

I contrasted the EON15-X with MSI’s monsterish GT80 Titan SLI with its portable quad-center Haswell, and also a more seasoned Eurocom P150EM with a quad-center Ivy Bridge CPU inside. The Devil’s Canyon effectively flees from them. For more setting, I additionally tossed in a similar encoding errand on our zero-point, a quad-center Core i7-4770K desktop chip. In the event that you were pondering whether the warm furthest reaches of a tablet would make it slower than the desktop, it doesn’t.

I additionally hurled in numbers from the financial backing centered Alienware 15 with a double center Haswell CPU. You can see the effect of the two less centers on errands that can genuinely utilize the greater part of the CPU centers. See why double centers aren’t closers any longer?

Cause PC really offers an overclocking choice on the portable PC, however I don’t think I got it. Generally the Core i7-4790K would work at 4.2GHz amid burdens. It would begin at 4.4GHz however inside a couple of minutes would fall back to 4.2GHz. I speculate warmth was the reason. I likewise contrasted it with PCWorld’s zero-point desktop with its Core i7-4770K chip. That CPU has a stock clock of 3.5GHz with a Turbo Boost of 3.9GHz. Be that as it may, since it’s not restricted to a thin 7-pound undercarriage, it seems to keep running at top clock a considerable measure longer.

To be perfectly honest, this makes the EON15-X most likely the quickest portable workstation we’ve seen for errands that will utilize the majority of the CPU assets.

Origin PC’s Eon17-X gaming laptop could be just what you need

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Starting at around $1,800 in the US (roughly converting to £1,410 and AU$2,385), Origin lets you choose everything from this computer’s CPU to the body color.

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Origin EON15-S – Hands On Review


In this hands on review, we take a look at the Origin EON15-S, or the CLEVO N850HK1, the same exact machine that’s available from a number of different manufacturers. This reliance on prebuilt machines undercuts what are usually strong points for Origin, namely: overclocking, cohesive design, and build quality.

Not that there’s anything fatally wrong with the Origin EON15-S, but it doesn’t exactly have the best chassis; there are flex points and panel gaps all over the machine’s exterior.

Under the hood, we found a predictable set of parts for the price point. Our review unit was powered by an Intel Core i7 7700HQ, 8GB of RAM, and GTX 1050ti. The system pumped out decent graphics for most games, which is fine for picking up a few games of Battlefield 1, but we expected more from a true gaming laptop.

With a price point of $1,300 dollars, the Origin EON15-S won’t be converting many PC gamers to this product. At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a gaming laptop, consider spending a few hundred dollars more on a laptop that is geared specifically for gaming.


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OriginPC EON15-X 2070 Max-Q Laptop Unboxing and Review [Gaming Trend]

We unboxed and reviewed the EON15-X, the AMD-based desktop replacement laptop from OriginPC. Equipped with a 2070 Max-Q, it represents a solid entry into the top-tier gaming laptop that won’t break the bank. Let’s see what’s under the hood. You can see our full review with all the benchmarks you could possibly want at GamingTrend.com

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