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The Arts Department within Washwood Heath Academy incorporates Art, Drama, and Music.

  • The Arts mission statement. “We want to inspire our students to take pride in their achievement and enjoy their experience with us”.
  • The aim of the department is to maximise student performance. The Arts Department, provide a curriculum for KS3 and KS4, that allows for the development of their creative skills.

We will demand that we, as teachers, must plan effectively to ensure progression and continuity – then evaluate and re-plan our delivery to provide quality sessions for all abilities. The curriculum is divided into two phases in line with arrangements nationally:

Key Stage 3 During this phase the emphasis in the Arts Department will relate to all the key disciplines (Art, Drama, and Music.).
Key Stage 4 Students currently have the opportunity to study GCSE Art and BTEC Art, Performing Arts, GCSE Music and BTEC Music.

The school is very proud of the Arts department. It is a successful department with 3 well equipped Art rooms, with facilities to offer a wide range of skills, including, printmaking, sculpture, painting and drawing. There is a spacious Drama studio, equipped with a lighting rig and the Music ICT suite that includes 28 Music PCs, using Sibelius and Cubase. This is a leading provision across the country. Regular school productions take place and this ensures the celebration of success across the department.

The Music department work closely across the curriculum and pastoral areas to support many wider whole school productions. A wide range of extended provisions are offered to all pupils in the form of trips to Art galleries, and recording studios. The pupils are encouraged to be involved in a wide variety of extra curricular activities, involving external professional musicians and artists.

Many of the students gain a great deal of enjoyment from Art, Drama and Music and this is encouraged by the staff within the department who form solid working relationships with the them.

Washwood Heath is undergoing a period of change and enjoying increasing success. We are a Academy and there is a genuine commitment to enhancing our links with the wider community. We believe the partnership between school and home to be of paramount importance.