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WHA Attendance and Punctuality 2015-16
Year Group Attendance and Punctuality for Autumn 2015


The Graphs below show Attendance and Punctuality comparisons for last and current Autumn Terms.

From 18 January 2016 any student arriving late, after 8.45am to the Academy on two or more occasions in one week will be expected to attend a two hour SLT detention after school has finished on a Friday that same week.

Parents will be notified by Text or phone call.






Academy’s guidelines for students Attendance, these are shown in the Table as below


Please note that all students Attendance is continuously monitored over a twelve month period for eligibility to be actioned by Birmingham City Council on their prosecution programme:
Spotlight Attendance.

Here at the Academy we run successful campaigns alongside the Prosecuting Team, this is shown in positive results for Attendance, Academic achievement, especially with some students who are attending for their final year before seeking a college placement.

Following on is the letter sent out to All students at the beginning of the school Year in September 2015. This clearly explains the guidelines around taking your children out of the Academy for Leave of Absence during Term Time. It also states the impact that missing out on Education has for your child and the repercussion unauthorised absence has for Parents when fined and given criminal records by the Courts.

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